THE DECISION Between Quartz and Granite Countertops

If you’ve visited the Granite Direct Warehouse lately, you might have noticed a lovely collection of quartz countertops, as well as their custom granite countertops in Sandy Springs. With each one of these stones so easily available, you will probably find it hard to select one. If you’re facing this problem, consider the next information.

Granite comprises quartz, so custom granite countertops in Sandy Springs will naturally include a significant amount of quartz, as well as some mica, feldspar and an assortment of trace minerals. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, are most likely mostly quartz with a lot of resins, polymers, and pigments to strengthen and bind the stone. Granite and quartz countertops have a comparable degree of hardness, both have significantly high melting points and neither are incredibly porous. This makes both options very good options for kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Does Granite Cause Cancer? 

Lately, some individuals have claimed that granite countertops can cause cancer. They declare that naturally occurring degrees of radon in the stone will decay and enter the air. However, the actual amount of the gas in your beautiful countertops is minimal. You’ll be naturally subjected to more of the radon when traveling outside, so don’t limit yourself predicated on this misinformation.

Consider Your Preferences

When it boils down to the ultimate decision between custom quartz or custom granite countertops, you’ll have to consider a few pre-determined questions. Is price one factor? Do you like a man-made or natural stone? Do you intend to utilize the countertop heavily and otherwise ignore it? How unique would you like your countertops to be? Discuss your answers to these questions with the experts at Granite Direct Warehouse to be certain that you’ve made an option that will gratify you for quite some time. Ultimately, there is absolutely no wrong choice, which means you can be confident that you’ll make a fantastic choice.



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